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A divorce doesn't necessarily mean one parent is absolved of all parental responsibilities. In Texas, the primary parent has an exclusive right to receive child support. Get in touch with The Maxwell Law Firm, PLLC to seek child support in Houston, TX.

Ms. Maxwell has a wealth of experience as a child support lawyer. She'll develop a smart argument to fight for the maximum amount of child support possible. Reach out to her right away to get started.

How do the courts calculate child support?

The guidelines for child support are different in every state. To determine how much child support a parent owes, the courts may consider a variety of factors, including:

The needs of the child
The income of the custodial parent
The paying parent's ability to pay
The child's standard of living before the divorce or separation

Don't let a divorce negatively impact your child financially. Talk to a child support lawyer in Houston, TX ASAP to seek a reasonable amount of child support.